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I’m so exhausted. I had one of those nights when I couldn’t sleep because an idea had taken hold of my brain and just wouldn’t let it go. Have you ever had one of those nights? A night where sleep just won’t come because an idea is burning itself into your brain like a 1000 watt spotlight and just won’t go out? That was the kind of night I had.

I kept having this dream, more like a vision, really, since all I could see was this big orange RSS icon, and then I would wake up, and one thought would be racing through my brain, making it spin like an out of control engine: “RSS feeds. I must do more with RSS feeds.”

Even as it happened I realized how weird this was. Up until about a month ago I didn’t even know what an RSS feed was, and now my subconscious was demanding that I do something with them, telling me that there was a void in my life that could only be filled with RSS feeds. I would fall asleep again, only to start dreaming about RSS feeds. I must’ve woken up the same way about six times last night. Always thinking about RSS feeds.

So what does it mean? Could it be Murphy‘s fault? Just the other day he was showing me something nifty he’s done with RSS feeds on his blog. Maybe this is a manifestation of the blog-envy I always feel whenever I visit his site.

Or is it perhaps my own guilty conscience pricking me over my blogslackery? Telling me I need to do more, more, MORE, and still more with this site, and that I will never be a worthwhile human being until the day arrives when I am on everyone’s RSS feed.

Or is it simply time to change my medication?

RSS feeds. What does it all mean? RSS feeds. Why now? RSS feeds. What do they want from me? I’m so tired. I have to go to bed now and stop thinking about this.

RSS feeds.
— Smith

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