Yet Another Rant

More things that puzzle, perplex, and just plain piss me off.

In yet another sad and infuriating case of political correctness trumping over literacy, Dallas County Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield was ordered by a judge to apologize for calling the central collections office that is used to process traffic ticket payments a “black hole”. It seems the judge doesn’t realize “black hole” is a scientific term for a well documented natural phenomenon. My question is: how did this moron ever get to be a judge?

As if I needed another reason not to vote for Barrack Obama, there’s this little beauty: “I don’t understand when people say ‘We want English only’. Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English–they’ll learn English–you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish!” I have some news for the good Senator. First of all, most public school curricula require taking at least a few years of a foreign language. If you go to any government buildings, and most shopping malls, all the signs are printed in English and Spanish anyway. But more importantly, last time I checked, this is an English speaking nation. English is our lingua franca. Anyone who doesn’t understand that a language is an important part of a country’s national identity simply isn’t qualified to be the leader of that country.

On a similar note, here in loony Massachusetts, the MIRA (Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy) recently was on Beacon Hill, advocating full “civil and human rights of all illegal immigrants”, according to a column Michael Graham wrote in the Jewish World Review. Evidently these people either have poor grasp of the English language, or the law, or both. Let me help by giving the definition of illegal: “forbidden by law or statute.” Hard to understand? Too ambiguous? I don’t think so. Furthermore, here in Massachusetts, illegal immigrants can recieve free medical care, access to our public schools, subsidized housing, and, by the way, jobs that pay a lot more than they’d earn back home. More than one Massachusetts town, Cambridge to name just one, has declared itself a “safe haven” for illegal immigrants, vowing to not cooperate with federal authorities. Do you know what this is called in most countries? Treason. And what’s truly bizarre about this is that if I light up my cigar in a Cambridge restaurant, I become a criminal, and rest assured, that law is vigorously enforced. I guess some criminals are better than others.

In two separate article today, I read how the Catholic church is threatening to excommunicate a splinter group that has ordained three women priests. Also, the Anglican church has forbidden an openly gay bishop from attending the Lambert conference. Now, certainly people can disagree as to the various merits of each position, but it seems to me that, in an age when these churches are losing members in droves (at least in this country) things like this demonstrate that organized religion seems more committed to its own destruction than all the Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers in the world combined.

Speaking of religious lunacy, in another dismaying example of Europe allowing itself to be bullied by religious fanatics, Great Britain’s Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips, said he was willing to see Sharia law operate in the country, so long as it did not conflict with the laws of England and Wales, or lead to the imposition of severe physical punishments. My question is: how are they going to do this? Sharia law is particularly harsh, including such punishments as flogging, stoning, the cutting off of hands or death. This is a steep, slippery slope that the UK finds itself on. If Muslims are allowed to be a law unto themselves, why not Jews, Christians, and Buddhists? All these groups have their own religious laws. But I have this quaint belief that those laws should be subordinate to the laws of the nation. To have it any other way is to invite sure and certain chaos. Now I realize that Great Britain has never codified separation of church and state in the way the United States has, but isn’t this going a little too far?

Proving yet again that brainpower is not exactly a hallmark of the dysfunctional Spears family, 17 year old Jamie Lynn Spears tells “OK!” magazine that being an unwed teenage mother is “the best feeling in the world”. Nice going, Jamie. That’s JUST the message teenage girls need to hear. I’m sure those girls in Gloucester who all got pregnant, allegedly as the result of a pact, will be thrilled to hear you’re having “so much fun.” Naturally, feminists and leftists breathlessly huff about the need for more sex education and teen accessible birth control, and perhaps they have a point (teenagers are having sex, whether we like it or not) but in addition to those things, how about instilling in teenagers more discipline, and a stronger sense of (gasp!) responsibility?

Sure, she may have the money to live in a fantasy world, but most teenage girls don’t, and their lives are irretrievably ruined when they get pregnant. They don’t realize the high cost of getting themselves out of the trouble that emulating your–and your sister’s–behavior will land them in. Babies cost money. So does detox. So does a divorce. If Jamie Lynn Spears wants to throw away her teenage years and have a baby, that’s her business. I just wish she’d keep her big mouth shut about it.

Speaking of which, you all have no doubt heard about Alex Rodriguez’s dalliance with Massachusetts hair dresser and former stripper Candice Houlihan. Now I’m not a prude. I realize people cheat on their spouses all the time. But what I find disturbing is Houlihan’s callous way of completely disassociating herself from any responsibility for her actions. “I know how it feels to be cheated on, it sucks,” she grouses. “But a couple of drinks later, I didn’t notice all that much.” Of course, it was the bartender’s fault! Now she’s all bent out of shape at the negative publicity she’s getting. “He’s the one who had the pregnant wife at home”, she huffed to the Boston Herald. You’re right, honey, A-Rod is an asshole, too. But you’re just as guilty here. You’re the one who screwed a married guy, remember? And you’re the one who went public about it. So shut your mouth and enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame. It’s sure to be the last you’ll ever have.

And so the insanity just keeps piling higher and higher. Until next time….


11 Responses to “Yet Another Rant”

  1. July 22, 2008 at 7:22 am

    Now that wasn’t THAT bad, for a conservative rant that is,…. read all of it and will think about it. As usual.
    Have a great day.

    As always, it’s a pleasure whenever you stop by.

  2. July 22, 2008 at 10:31 am

    Dear Stephen,

    As the Director of Communications at the MIRA Coalition, I can assure you, we are fluent in the English and actually quite versed in the law. While you and I might differ in opinion on many issues, I would hazard a guess that we both try to be accurate in what we say and write. I’m sure you have no desire to commit libel, so I respectfully request that you take down what you wrote about our organization. No one from our organization ever said, “civil and human rights of all illegal immigrants,” as you purport. You are willfully and publicly misrepresenting our position and statement. You also make some factual errors about what an individual lacking legal immigration status (in most cases, a civil infraction) have access to, but I really don’t want to get into it here.

    You are right; I should have done a better job citing Michael Graham as my source. As you can see, I have corrected that.

    Otherwise, I like your sense of humor and your writing style.

    Thanks. I think.



  3. July 22, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    Personally, I don’t care what anyone says. Illegal immigrants should have absolutely no rights. Illegal is illegal. If you give illegal immigrants any type of rights then you can give illegal drug dealers rights too. How does that sound? Maybe the illegal drug dealers should have the right to sell there wares around grade schools. How would everyone like that? What don’t people understand about the word ILLEGAL!!!!!

    I’m sure we all agree that this is a complicated issue, and I do believe that all people do have some inalienable rights. For example, just because you’re an illegal alien doesn’t mean that someone can just go up to you and assault you. But I agree, it’s a fairly short list, and beyond that, I feel they certainly don’t have the same rights as citizens. Privileges, at best. And I agree with your overall point: for the phrase “nation of laws” to have any meaning, the laws have to be enforced.

    If I moved to Mexico I’d learn Spanish but I am not in Mexico I am in the US of A where English is our language and when you move here you ought to learn it out of respect for us letting you live here legally.

    Sadly, this does not seem to be the case here. Spanish seems to be coming a second (very close second) language in this country.

    How could someone not know what a “black hole” is. Well, maybe it’s because they didn’t pay attention in school. Don’t get me going on the school system.

    It reminds me of the teacher who got into trouble and was forced to apologize for putting the world “niggardly” on a vocabulary test. Somehow, the illiteracy of others has become our problem instead of theirs.

    As far as that Spears girl is concerned, where are her parents? Do they encourage this type of behavior? Haven’t they taught her anything?

    Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that they’re not particularly effective parents. It seems like they were more interested in maneuvering their daughters into showbiz careers than anything.

    Good post, Smith.

    Thank you, ma’am!

  4. July 22, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    Hey there,
    seems I couldn’t quite let this one pass uncontested…..

    I’ll deal with YOU later, missy………….

    bloody liberals.

  5. July 22, 2008 at 11:09 pm

    Wow you get a threatened lawsuit and a backhanded compliment in the same comment. Damn that’s good.

    Yeah, ain’t I fuckin’ clever? Yeesh!

  6. July 22, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    Wow. You have the beginnings of a veritable shitstorm here.

    You noticed, huh?

    I say, let it roll.

    No prob. I’m sure you have my back.

    Peace (as Kirkland says)



  7. July 25, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    Hey Smith,
    How about some poetry? I used to come here for some poetry but you don’t do that much anymore.

    Annie, I have to admit I’m kinda blown away here. I honestly had no idea you felt that way about my poetry. Now you’ve got me all verklempt.


    Check out my reply to Spaz’s comment below. All is revealed there! And thanks so much for stopping by. 😉


  8. July 25, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    I’m pulling up my chair – getting a ringside seat!

  9. July 27, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    Was just going to say that rather than you ‘dealing’ with me, Annie has been a loyal defender of ‘your corner’.

    Good ol’ Annie!

    But then I saw her comment here and I have to say that she’s damn right. Who cares about politics with something as vital as poetry?

    POETRY SCHMOETRY! I’m reinventing myself as a raving lunatic conservative blogger!

    Swallow your conservative pride and share some of your poet’s genius!

    I can’t share it until I find some evidence of it.

    OK, seriously…..the poetry muse kinda comes and goes with me. I have nothing but admiration for folks like Annie and Alison who seem to be able to write quality poetry on a regular, sometimes even daily, basis. I just can’t seem to do it. Believe it or not, every time I finish a poem, it always feels like it’s going to be my last one. And then, at some time when I don’t expect it, I get an idea, and I’m off again. I actually have three incubating right now, if that makes you feel any better. But you can’t rush these things, y’know?

    But thanks for the comment and the link. 😉


  10. August 8, 2008 at 1:50 am

    No arguments or disagreements here. I think we’re seeing eye to eye on all topics addressed here. Nice. 😉

    You’re clearly a man of discerning intellect. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!


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