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Cleaning up some odds and ends…

It has been pointed out to me that the link to Joe Fitzgerald’s column in my “Real Meaning of Christmas” post no longer works. Since the column is the whole point of the post, this obviously presented a problem. Because I feel so strongly that Joe’s message is an important one, not just during Christmas, but–perhaps especially–throughout the rest of the year, I have removed the broken link and simply inserted the entire text of the column. The column originally appeared in the Boston Herald. Sorry it took so long to fix this.

Speaking of Christmas posts, I have to admit I was rather surprised at the lack of response to my Christmas Eve post.  I would have thought that a crucified Santa would have provoked a few more people, even if it was just to tell me what a blasphemous bastard I am.

Also, as I am just now pulling out of yet another extended period of blogslackery, many comments which were kindly left by readers have gone unanswered. While there were personal reasons as to why I let things slide around here, I wish to apologize (yet again) for my inattentiveness. For those of you who actually give a shit what I have to say, all comments have now been replied to.


taking up a glowing cinder with the tongs and lighting with it the long cherry-wood pipe which was wont to replace his clay when he was in a disputatious rather than a meditative mood" ~ Dr. John H. Watson ************************
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