A New Page

I’ve added a new Poetry page to Murder of Ravens. Much to my astonishment, poetry has once again become an important part of my life. I would go so far as to say that of all the 100-plus posts I’ve put up so far, the poems are the ones of which I am most proud.

I wrote a great deal of poetry when I was a student, but by the time I first started writing on WordPress last September, I hadn’t written a poem in over twenty years. The first one that appeared on this blog, Lacrimosa, took me months to write (I had been working on it for quite a while before starting Murder of Ravens). At that point I still didn’t think I would write any more poetry. But my feelings about my son fighting in Iraq resulted in another poem, Immolatus Est. Again, having got that out of my system, I figured that would be it for the poetry. I still believed that the muse that once followed me around faithfully when I was a student had abandoned me. I now realize that she’s been there all along; it was I who was ignoring her.

The strange thing is I never really sit down with the intention of writing a poem. Usually when I publish one my first thought is, “now what?” But sooner or later something I see or hear or feel will just hit me a certain way, and suddenly the lines just start coming together in my head, and usually after a period of days or weeks I’ll have something tangible enough to write down. But I have learned not to force it. I don’t control the muse: she controls me. So be it.

Is it great poetry? Who knows? But it’s mine, I created it, and I’m proud of it. So I wanted it to have its own special page. If it it touches you in some way, let me know. That’s why I write them in the first place.


1 Response to “A New Page”

  1. July 25, 2007 at 10:33 am


    Ok, so that was step one…….
    Step two….. puplish another one…..
    Step three…. and another
    Step four…. – well – you get the picture.

    Can’t wait….. drool….. 🙂 .

    Hope I’ve lived up to your expectations. 😉


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