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Britney Krishna?

I know, I know, I shouldn’t, but I just can’t resist here. My favorite floozy, America’s Sweetheart of the Trailer Park, is at it again. This time the little strumpet showed up at a tattoo parlor with a shaved head.

Who is this girl getting career advice from, Michael Jackson? I have houseplants who generate more brainwaves than this bimbo.

Why would a girl with a voice that makes Courtney Love sound like Sarah Brightman go out of her way to trash the only thing she really has going for her, her looks? Have any brain cells survived all that partying? Compared to some of her past stunts this is mild, but honestly, what is going on here?

Does she really think the Dalai Lama look is a nifty career move? Or has she suddenly decided to join the Hare Krishnas? That won’t last long: Krishnas take a vow of chastity.

Or maybe she’s just plain fed up with all the media attention and decided the easiest way to be totally ignored is to disguise herself as Sinead O’Connor.

First the shaved hoo-hoo, now the shaved head. I can’t decide which looks worse.

You can check this out yourself by clicking here.


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