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What’s wrong with this picture?

The rather worried looking woman in the middle is named Amber Abreu, and she has every right to look worried. Not only is she being charged with illegally taking prescription anti-ulcer pills to induce an abortion, but her public defender, Amanda Barker, the blond woman on the right, looks like she’s about 14 years old. Maybe it’s just a bad picture, but I half expect Amanda to blow a bubble and start twirling her hair.

But I guess that’s how it goes down in this country. O. J. Simpson gets Johnny Cochrane, F. Lee Bailey, and the best darned lawyerin’ that money can by. The 18 year old Dominican immigrant gets the public defender who looks like she just got out of law school last week.

Looks like poor Amber’s goin’ to jail. You can read the rest of this disquieting story by clicking the picture above.


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